Wild Growth Hair Oil

Manufacturer Description

1st time ever thicker and more time hair, eye brows, eye lashes, and nails, immediate and nautral hair re-texturizer, detangler and straightener with significantly less warmth (ex. blow-dry, flat iron, or push), relaxer stretcher, hair bodifier and fly away hair controller.

Product Features

African quality hair (mid-neck to shoulder length): apply 15-20 drops for each of 4 sections of damp towel dried or dry hair. Comb/brush through hair and part. Then sparingly apply to entire scalp with pointed spout. Use less for shorter hair. Use 3 times per week and after washing on damp hair. All other hair types: apply 5-15 drops directly to entire scalp with finger tips on damp or towel dried hair. Comb or brush through every 3-5 minutes until hair completly dries. Reduce quantities used to avoid oiliness. Apply between washes only if hair becomes dry. Use as directed. Shake Well Non-hypoallergenic 4 Fluid Ounces

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