Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
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Manufacturer Description

Number of drops are required for in no way before achieved lengthier and thicker hair, eye brow, and lash growth. Prevents dryness and supplies glide-by way of grooming with no breakage. Use in shampoo and on moist hair for added security and growth. Wet, moist, or dry hair conditioning. Colorless with a organic deodorizing scent. Sizzling oil therapy.

Product Features

Directions: Use only as directed. Non hypo-allergenic. Lightly warm bottle if contents are solid. Shake well. All hair types: 5-10 drops per dab of shampoo. Then 5-20 drops in wet hair after rinsing. Sparingly use on hair and scalp between washings to control dryness. Reduce amount to control oiliness. 4 Fluid Ounces

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