Buy Transitioning Kits for Natural Hair Beginners

Transitioning from natural hair to relaxed hair used to be the norm, and we still have some people who continue to put straightening chemicals on their hair. Transitioning back to natural hair from relaxed hair is the trick. This is a journey in itself. You should try to understand, the process before you take the leap as this will be a lifestyle change. You have to watch videos to learn how to care for and style your natural hair. You have to read blogs to learn which products are the best products for your hair or you can end up spending a lot of money buy and trying different products. Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter are two of the most popular brands that I know off who carry transitioning kit, but there are a few others available on the market. 

You will want to set a budget for spending money on hair products. Don’t rush out and buy every product on the market that is recommended. You will need to put away all your flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. You will need to avoid putting direct heat to your hair if you want your hair to remain healthy. You should try using more protective styles during the transition to avoid unnecessary breakage.  As the new hair begins to grow out you will want to trim the end because there will be some breakage, this is normal so don’t get discouraged. Shampoo and treat the scalp regularly. Condition the hair regularly as well, using deep conditioners, oil treatments, etc.

There are a few transition kits available with all the products you will need to set you on the right path on dealing with the two different textures. Those products will gently clean the hair and scalp, while conditioning and keeping curls moisturized. Key to keeping natural hair healthy is to moisturize. Hair growth and texture depends on the care we take with our diet as well.