Buy Shampoos for Black Women with Natural Hair

Here you will find some of the best sulfate free shampoo on the market for natural hair. Sulfate-Free Shampoos are becoming more and more popular now that people are discovering all the benefits. Apart from the fact that sulfate-free shampoos have fewer chemicals, they are friendlier to natural hair and help to boost healthy growing hair. Sulfate-free shampoo is less soapy, which means that a lot of the ingredients (such as sodium lauryl sulfate & sodium laureth sulfate, etc) that strip away the oils and other nutrients from our hair have been removed.  

Studies have found that shampoos that contain surfactants irritate the scalp and dry out the hair strands. There are many different brands of sulfate-free shampoo, and just as many dedicated to “natural black hair”- Carol's DaughterMiss Jessie'sShea MoistureCreme of Nature, Mixed Chicks and the list goes on. Though some brands are a bit pricey, it is well worth the investment to ensure you have healthy hair that looks and feels its best.

You can’t substitute care products like oils and serums for good old shampooing and conditioning. Sulfate-free shampoo keeps your hair feeling clean and moisturized as it is gentle on the hair. As with everything there is a technique to washing naturally kinky hair. We have all experienced our hair shrinking into a big pile or ball when it gets wet, which can be difficult to detangle if we aren’t careful.  One main tip to washing black hair or natural hair is remembered to be gentle.  Begin by detangling the hair from the ends working up to the roots. Completely situate your hair with water before applying the sulfate-free shampoo to your hair. Work it into lather but focus mainly on the scalp; massaging deeply to stimulate the hair follicle and get rid of any dandruff. Rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all the shampoo. If you have a lot of product build up you might want to repeat the shampoo process one more time, rinse and gently squeeze the excess water of our your hair before moving on to a quality conditioner. Remember that shampoo is good for your scalp, but the conditioner is beneficial to the hair.