Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush

Product Description

This Shampoo Brush is amazing. It massages and stimulates your scalp better than using your fingers. This massaging brush has a lot of bristles and when you rub it with the shampoo into your scalp it does a much better job of removing all product build-up. It’s also very useful in stimulating your scalp thus encouraging growth.

The bristles on the Scalpmaster brush are a bit shorter compared to other shampoo shower brushes, which makes it less flexible than the Marvy’s scalp massaging brush. If you want a firm massaging feeling on your scalp when shampooing your hair, the scalpmaster brush is a perfect choice.

Manufacturer Description

Scalp master shampoo brush. Scalp master shampoo purple brush with finger hole. 1 each and every

Product Features

Scalp master Shampoo Purple Brush with finger hole Long lasting

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