Buy Safe Hair Colors for Black Women with Natural Hair

Hair color, for African American women with natural hair, is one way to express ourselves.  Because our hair in its natural texture is usually very dry, it is important to choose correctly when coloring our hair. As we know the coloring process with ammonia on relaxed hair dries it out, it is worst on natural hair. Luckily we have a few methods of coloring our ethnic hair that’s more appropriate than others.  Color Rinses is the safest way to add color to your hair as it is ammonia-free and peroxide-free. There are Temporary colors, which only last as long as your next shampoo day.  Semi-permanent Colors which is similar to color rinses and temporary formulas, have the added benefit of remaining for a longer period. Demi-permanent Colors contain a small amount of peroxide, but do not contain ammonia. Permanent Colors which should be applied by a professional since it utilizes both ammonia and peroxide, giving you the most significant change.