Roots Only Comb Applicator Bottle

Manufacturer Description

Faster, Less difficult, NEATER, CLEANER, Healthier. Roots Only was at first marketed and utilised just for hair coloring and root contact up, but then we started getting YouTube films and Blogger reviews on other utilizes Roots Only was getting utilised for. Right after getting so numerous of these, we understood girls and males necessary our applicator to get answers down to their scalp and roots. Product Description Roots Only Integrated is a woman-owned company based mostly in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We distribute individual applicators and items that simplify home hair treatment routines of our buyers. Our patented, supply applicator is best for the application of hair color, conditioning growth oil, medicated shampoos, hair oils, and other answers for the scalp and roots. We manufacture higher top quality, affordable items that preserve you time and income even though supplying skilled benefits. All Roots Only brand name items are reusable and one hundred% manufactured in the United states of america.

Product Features

Solution flows through hollow teeth to the scalp and roots. No Mess! Just comb & squeeze to apply solutions. Distributes evenly. Easy to apply even in hard to reach areas (back of head). Save money; Use less solution/no waste.

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