PuffCuff Hair Clamp for Thick, Coily, Textured Hair

By: Puffcuff
PuffCuff Hair Clamp for Thick, Coily, Textured Hair
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Product Description

This PuffCuff can work best on midium length to long hair. It might take you a few tries to get it placed correctly but you will be happy when you do. It's made from plastic so it feels light on your head. The PuffCuff easily holds the hair securly without feeling like it's pulling on the edges.

About the Product

  • PuffCuff is NOT a banana clip. You must gather your hair first. It is IMPORTANT to read HOW TO USE instructions below.
  • Material: Lightweight ABS Plastic
  • Main Color: Black
  • Total Size (Unopened): 5.375" x 4.875" x .75" (LxWxH)
  • Package Content : 1 x PuffCuff Hair Clamp

  • To create your puff using PuffCuff Hair Clamp gather your hair as if you were creating a ponytail.
  • While holding your hair with one hand, INSERT (we stress INSERT) the teeth of PuffCuff into your hair at the base of your puff as close to the scalp as you can. 
  • PuffCuff Hair Clamp is designed to GRASP your hair and hold it in a puff style. 
  • The unique teeth are designed to hold the clamp in place, NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or the old "banana clip". Even though the concept of the PuffCuff is similar to the old "banana clip" it DOES NOT function the same.

Product Features

How to use: First, gather your hair with one or both hands as if making a pony tail. While holding gathered hair, take one arm of the PuffCuff and insert - do not glide or comb through - the teeth into the hair on one side of your head, as close to your scalp as possible and not high up on your puff. Do not let go of gathered hair. Then take the other arm of the PuffCuff and insert teeth into your hair on the opposite side of your head. Again close to your head or scalp as possible. It's important to not let go of your hair that's gathered or try to glide the PuffCuff through your hair. Once both arms are in your hair at base of your puff, use the ball of the hand that is still holding your gathered hair and press against one the side of the PuffCuff. Use your free hand now to push the opposite arm of the PuffCuff close to the side you are pressing against. Then you should be able to hook it closed. Now let go of your gathered hair. Do not try to squeeze you hair into the PuffCuff as you would use a banana clip.


It is important to follow the How To Use instructions to have a successful experience with the PuffCuff. This is the only clamp for thick, curly hair on the market. PuffCuff is not a banana clip. You must gather your hair first. Made in the USA this hair clamp is lightweight yet durable and made of high impact-resistant plastic and designed with a contour fit. This hair accessory is a must-have. PuffCuff's wide mouth is specially crafted to accommodate thick hair without cinching tightly while maintaining comfort. The short teeth and hook closure allow it to stay securely in place. PuffCuff is an awesome alternative to the rubber and elastic headbands that tug and rip hair each time they're worn and removed. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage. Follow us on social media with the tag @thepuffcuff

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