Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask
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? ALIKAY NATURALS: Avocado Oil: Penetrates hair cortex to lubricate hair and improve elasticity to reduce breakage, improves detangling, and moisturizes dry scalp ? MADE FROM PURE NATURAL INGREDIENT: Peppermint Oil: Stimulate hair follicle to promote growth, soothes scalp irritation and inflammation ? Quality ingredients is at the core of who Alikay Naturals is as a beauty & lifestyle brand. Burdock Root: Reduces thinning to hair, Relieves scalp irritation, Rich in fatty acids that improves blood circulation to hair follicle and hair root ? Alikay Naturals has become one of the most influential beauty brands in the world. Avocados contain beta-carotene, vitamins B, C, E and essential fats that provide vital nutrients needed for replenishing hair's strength, moisture, and shine. ? Highest Quality Plant Extracts Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Bay Essential Oil, Olive Oil. Suitable For All Hair Types Men and Women. This Alikay Naturals product can be used as a hair mask (before washing hair) or hair treatment (after washing hair).

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